Your Homepage is where you welcome new visitors to your website.
You want a guest to immediately think “I’m in the right place! Let me check out more!”

The three questions your Homepage should answer are:

#1 - What do you do?

#2 - Who do you serve?

#3 - What makes you different from everyone else?

Most people will skim over your Homepage before they pause to read any words.
That’s why you should include images, a logo, and design elements that communicate who you are, who you serve,
and what makes makes you different in a single glance.

Your homepage text should be as attractive as the visual elements on your site.
Big blocks of text are hard to read and uninviting, so break it up with brief sentences, short paragraphs, and avoid industry jargon.
You only have a few seconds to hook new site visitors with your Homepage!
Follow these guidelines to make every moment count.


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